Activ 755 Weekend

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Das sportliche, geräumige und sehr individuelle Activ 755 Weekend ist ein Boot, das für das Leben auf dem Wasser gemacht wurde und mit dem jede Reise ein Erlebnis wird. Mit Platz für bis zu neun Personen macht der geräumige Essbereich mit Bordküche die Zeit mit Familie und Freunden zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Die abgetrennte vordere Kabine, die Kabine mittschiffs und die separate Toilette sind nur ein Teil des Komforts, der das Erlebnis an Bord zu einer wahren Freude macht. Mit der Wahl zwischen Innenbord- oder Außenbordmotoren mit bis zu 221 kW (300 PS) bekommen Sie die Leistung, die Sie benötigen.

Was andere über uns sagen

“Superb boat”

Very functional with plenty of storage, very good handling on the water.

“A real delight”

Great boat! The SMART Edition offers everything you might want… and then some. It feels more comfortable and safe than sporty, as expected. For family outings, the 200hp of the Verado are more than enough. For those who are in more of a hurry, more powerful configurations are available for a little more, though they probably consume more fuel. However, if fits us perfectly as it stands. Great job.

“My fifth and best boat!”

Spacious, luminous and comfortable boat. The furniture does not make any noise in rough waters. And numerous and spacious storages with an almost complete equipment.

“Price and performance are very good.”

“Comfortable and thoughtful design. There is no competition in its class.”

We spent ten days on our new boat with the whole family and we think it is absolutely fantastic.

“User-friendly, practical and functional”

This boat with its harmonious and well drawn lines is absolutely functional. The form of hull guarantees a comfortable passage at sea and is secure in rough seas. Equipped with a cooking plate and fridge, with a nice double cabin in the front and a smaller cabin under the cockpit. It is really suitable for mini-cruises for 2 to 3 days for a family of 4 to 5 people.

“From sport fishing to very comfortable living on the water made possible by Quicksilver in under 8m.”

Before committing most of my savings towards the purchase of my first motor boat, I have thoroughly examined and sea tested all the boats from major brands that fall within the category of the 755 Weekend which are available in my country, and I can happily confirm that the Quicksilver 755 Weekend is way above the competition. The finishing, handling, build and versatility for this size of boat are in my opinion best in its class, and I’m delighted that all my research has paid off and I’m now the proud owner of this fine craft!


Pleasant, functional, silent, comfortable.

“Handling is very pleasing and fuel consumption is ok.”

Very spacious for this type of boat. Good finishing, good value for money. Very nice handling. Well equipped. Fuel consumption is ok!

“I'm very happy with my boat!”

A boat where every minimum space has been exploited; excellent finishing, engine and lighting. Just a tiny defect - a sink in the toilet and lack of button to control the bow electrical windlass

“I am entirely satisfied with the Activ 755 Weekend.”

Good sea handling, plenty of storage (such a pleasure). Thank you!

“A really great boat”

Excellent dealer in Bari, very professional and ready to assist.

“I am very satisfied with my new boat - ideal for family cruising.”

Designers have made a very clever use of space - a spacious cockpit that can be fitted with a table for a picnic or converted into a sun lounge. Excellent in navigation, safety and comfort.

“Love it”

I love my new boat. It's great on weekend trips and holiday breaks.

“This boat has a great hull.”

It's a pity that the cockpit storages aren't lockable.

“Quality, design and specification - All qualities we have come to appreciate in our Activ 755 Weekend.”

Superb build, great attention to detail with very little needed to add to make it feel like it's everything we could ask for. Moving from a RIB to the 755 Weekend has opened up a whole new experience of boating for us and we are very pleased with our choice of Quicksilver boats.

“Nicely built boat to live on if you look at its size.”

“Hello, I am very satisfied with my new boat:”

Good cruising, large stowage spaces, many details of comfort... If I had to put some things up, I would mention that the deck rails or handrails would be better if they came until aft and that the table/dinette is too big, which complicates their stowage.

“The best”

Well thought out boat, the many storages are convenient, good performance on water, very very happy with our purchase.


Could I receive the French brochure for the "755 Weekend Owner's Manual"? Thanks.

“A boat that's almost perfect for its category”

This boat is almost perfect for its category: - very good handling at sea - very well-lit boat during the day or night - a lot of storage space - The only boat below 7M to have a real forward sleeping cabin for two, the luxury for three and the nice weekend for 5. I'm averaging 17,5L with the 200 hp since my purchase. The only defaults so far: - No sink with the WC - No key locks on the outside chests and hatches - The location of the batteries is annoying when you want to get to the main chest - The gas tanks compartment is too small - And last little detail, we don't know where to store the board of the table at the back, it's a shame it's not foldable. With these little hiccups out of the way, the competition will have a hard time keeping up. Michel