Activ 555 Bowrider

Max HP
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Spontan, sportlich, unwiderstehlich

Metern ist dieses Boot das kleinste in unserer Bowrider Familie. Mit seinem großen Kraftstofftank und seinen kraftvollen Motoren weiß das Activ 555 Bowrider über sich hinaus zu wachsen. Zudem kann die Cockpit-Sonnenlounge in nur wenigen Sekunden aufgebaut werden.

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“Short and conclusive: A great fit”

The concept and style of this bowrider convinces us from the beginning. The shape of the hull also convinces in our area, the Elbe with its strong tidal current and short waves. The high freeboard also makes the family feel safe. A very good finish and workmanship do the rest. If this boat should be too small for us, the next will definitely be Quicksilver again.