Activ 605 Open

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Das Activ 605 Open wurde entworfen, um keine Wünsche offen zu lassen. Es bietet Platz für bis zu 7 Personen für einen Tag voller Spaß. Das Boot wurde unter den Gesichtspunkten Komfort, Ergonomie und Funktionalität gestaltet, mit einem Deck, das zum Entspannen oder Angeln einlädt. Ein Mercury Motor mit bis zu 110 kW (150 PS) sorgt für sichere Fahrt und zahlreiche Optionen stehen für noch mehr Spaß auf dem Wasser.

Entdecken Sie das 605 Open

Nutzen Sie den Bug nach Ihren Vorstellungen

Nutzen Sie den Bug nach Ihren Vorstellungen

Umwandlung von Essbereich in Sonnenliege und Sitzgelegenheit in Sekunden

Einfacher Zugang zum Wasser

Einfacher Zugang zum Wasser

Zugang zur und von der Badeplattform dank schwenkbarer Rückenlehne

Entwickelt für den Kapitän

Entwickelt für den Kapitän

Messgeräte, Getränkehalter und optionales 7“ GPS/Chartplotter sind leicht zu erreichen.

Übersichtliches Deck

Übersichtliches Deck

Reichlich Stauraum schützt Ihre Vorräte und sorgt für Ordnung auf Ihrem Boot

Was andere über uns sagen

“Super boat”

Very functional boat for fishing and leisure, spacious storage.

“Excellent boat!”

I recommend the range when I have the opportunity

“Great value for money and some fun as well with a 150!”

5 hours in we’re happy with the layout and performance of the 605. The 605 feels safe and surprises with great performance with 4-stroke 150 ProXS. Some minor quality issues which I pressume the local dealer will sort out.


We are very satisfied with the boat as it meets our expectations. We would 100% recommend it.

“A very nice boat!”

Great sea handling and driving. The design is great compared to previous versions and I've had the chance to try a rental out. Moving about the boat is easy. With the Activ Trim from Mercury, you also get extra comfort. A bit of a shame there's no small storage drawer on the console for personal effects. But I love my first boat! The next one will surely be a Quicksilver as well.

“I do not regret my choice.”

Excellent boat, very easy to handle, comfortable, beautiful and pleasant.

“Pleasantly surprising boat”

Very good boat, great navigation, very stable and planes fast

“The Activ 605 Open is super.”

Very nice boat, good finishing, great sea handling, plenty of storages, it's a pity that the bimini can't be installed in the bow area. It's probably missing a storage in the center console for small valuables that can be locked.

“Good leisure boat with plenty of space.”

We didn't get the boat that we wanted (Activ 605 Sundeck), we were able to enjoy our boat during summer.

“A sport boat for the whole family.”

The boat is perfect for the use I need.

“I would buy with Quicksilver again, without hesitation!!!”

It's a great boat. Great workmanship and leaves nothing to be desired! Just one look at the solid baseboard speaks volumes: says a lot about the production of the boat!

“Nice purchase!”

Stable boat, very easy to handle with a very good behavior in rough waters. It handles waves very well without getting the cockpit wet. It's a real pleasure with a 250 hp Mercury. Large storage beneath the centre console.

“To enjoy the holidays.”

It is an ideal boat because of its size and design. It is spacious and super-comfortable to cruising with friends and family, and take a swim. Everyone I have invited to come on board was delighted.

“Very satisfied!”

My new boat is excellent in navigability, amplitude and comfort. Very good choice.

“Just enjoy beautiful days at sea!”

It's my first boat and I don't regret my choice. The Activ 605 Open is very easy to use, fast with its 115 hp and very stable.

“We became friends quickly.”

Uncomplicated, practical = good.

“A versatile family boat.”

I bought my boat at JV Marine in Bandol even though I leave in Nice. The day of reception, I drove the boat back to Nice (90 n.mM) with a friend. We navigated for 7 hours on a sea formed by the mistral. It was pure joy. The hull is vivid and reactive; we hardly got wet despite the rough sea. Since then I used have the boat on mutiple outings: fishing, waterskiing, family trips in ideal security conditions for my 2 grandchildren. I needed a safe and versatile boat, and I really made the right choice.


Good sea handling, clever layout and a nice finishing.

“Very good price / performance ratio, convincing reviews.”

I look forward to the 2017 season as I could not use my new boat yet.

“Very complete boat!”

I think it is a very complete boat as it serves for fishing, cruising, skysurfing, etc. The design is very good and comfortable, the size is ideal for beginners and experts, you do not more. From what I have seen in the market it's one of the boats with better features and more complete in every way!

“Comfortable and versatile”

Cockpit is well-protected from the water and has a very silent engine

“Very positive results.”

Activ 605 Open, 150 hp. Very pleasant boat that handles the short chop very well. Reasonable consumption of 13l/hr while using it to fish and for cruising. I switched from a 525 Commander with 80 hp to this one, and even though that was a good boat, the differences are huge. The cushions are thick and of high quality. Cupholders are very practical while fishing. The freeboards are high and reassuring in rough seas, while maintaining an easy circulation. 4 experienced fishermen do not hinder one another. I had a spring installed in the rear hatch because it did not stay open on its own. A livewell option and 4-6 rodholders are missing.

“Very interesting!”

Sober, safe and very good value for money.

“A perfect boat to enjoy and relax with the family.”

A wonderful boat, meets our needs, nice design, good handling, plenty of storage, good value for money. All is good!

“Everything went as planned.”

“Wonderful boat expected by me and my family”

Very Family Boat good correction in the new version. Very adapted boat for diving.

“Our new Quicksilver 605 Open”

Already my second Quicksilver boot, that actually says it all! Great boat (with 150 hp Mercury / super), lots of space and everything well thought out and good dealer in Kiel. More will show through the longer use. Until then I am in good spirits Kind regards, Stefan & Geli

“Exactly what I had hoped for”

Pretty, stable, fast, comfortable ... I'm delighted

“Quicksilver 605 Activ : essential holiday partner”

Good, handy, optimized space and storage

“605 Open, a versatile boat with a super high fun factor!”

Super boat with an enormous amount of space. The finishing is very good and of high standing. Very good driving behavior. It just makes so much fun with the 150 hp Mercury Verrado ...

“Magnificent experience”

We are very pleased with the boat, its maneuverability, its load and storage capacity and the space to move around. The only thing which might help improve the boat would be to enlarge the passage to the bow on the driver's side.


Without a doubt this is the boat I wanted and that suits my navigation style.