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Boats with a center console are perfect for any kind of day trip. It’s easy to move around freely from bow to stern and they contain a lot of storage space. Are you looking for some cruising, fishing or water sports action? Call your friends and head out into the open. Oh, and pick your favorite Open model first.


Well done, you just found your new favorite spot on earth. And sea. It’s on the ample sun lounge of your next Quicksilver boat. All sundeck models combine a place in the sun with a spacious cabin. This means you’re all set for day trips and weekend getaways alike. Also, from the deck, water sports are only one jump away. Enjoy!


Did the weather ever stop you from hitting the water? Those days have sailed. Our cabin boats were designed to offer as much space as possible. This means you’ll have lots of storage room to put clothing, equipment and whatever you like. Also, prolonged berths provide for a comfy place indoors. Peek at the best-looking weather insurance you’ll ever find.


Forget cruise control, it’s time for cruise adventure. Our cruisers are made to spend the day and the night. And then another one. Thanks to their high, spacious cabins, your comfort level stays best-in-class in any circumstance. And as the boat sizes in this range grow larger, so does their wanderlust – starting with dreams of rivers and lakes, ending with a longing for open water.


A bow rider is an on-demand thrill delivery service. As its captain, you enjoy a powerful engine at your fingertips, while your passengers have the water itself at theirs! From the bow area, they catch a breeze and gaze at all the views. Which model fits you and your crew best?


Take your pace of life down a notch and enjoy family fun at full throttle. Just like you, our boats live for the weekend. Or for longer trips on the water. Comfort level on board is maxed out to cater for young and old. This means you unwind in safety and in style – whether it’s on the sun deck, at the dining table or in the cabin.


Gather ‘round, fishermen. Wat is your favorite fishing boat? Do you prefer a compact model to be one with the sea or a bigger boat to go for a fishing weekend? Can’t you resist a sleek inboard fishing boat with large swim platform to fish from or go trolling or do you have a weak spot for sport fishing? Cast your rods for our range of fishing boats below.