Activ 505 Cabin

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The Best All-Round Cabin Cruiser in the Compact Class

The Activ 505 Cabin offers one of the best all-round boating and navigation experiences in its class, integrating a stylish new design and packed with improved new features that guarantee a new level of safety and pleasure for a day on the water.

What people are saying

“Lovely little boat”

Wonderful boat for evening and weekend trip on the water. Our expectations for the boat have been met, it perfectly fits our needs. We will definitely be looking at Quicksilver if one day we need to upgrade to size. All in all, we are super satisfied ....

“Very nice and versatile boat with good price / performance ratio”

The advice and the entire purchase including financing, insurance and registration with the dealer was very good. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we were unable to go boating.

“The perfect hobby in life”

Great boat! Perfect on the water, planning to have a vacation on the boat next summer😀 with some fishing too!


I'm very happy: it meets all my expectations.


Perfect boat. I would like to have a cap, if it is for free. Thanks.

“Best boat of its class”

In my opinion, the 505 Cabin is the most stylish, best thought-out and most appealingly handling boat of its class. I'm very happy with this vessel and would buy it again any time! The only things missing are a little more storage space inside the cabin and a gutter or similar for the gang board so rain water doesn't get in under the cover when in port. Otherwise, it's a thoroughly wonderful boat. Thanks a lot!

“Attractive day boat with occasional overnight accommodation.”

“A relaxing and fun day”

Comfortable and safe boat, also very well equipped for day-cruising or more…

“Very satisfied with my purchase.”

“A fantastic bargain.”

It's a fantastic bargain that I'll recommend to everyone. I am very pleased with the quality of the boat.

“Visually and technically very good.”

Up to know I see a very good workmanship. The first impression is very positive. My boat has unfortunately not been in water yet.

“It's fantastic and I'm satisfied!”

I am very happy and satisfied with this boat, since it meets the needs I was looking for in a boat. Great navigability and amples spaces in cockpit and cabin.

“A lot of fun for the money.”

A really fun boat and great value too.

“Very nice boat”

Very nice boat.

“I am very pleased with my new Activ 505 Cabin.”

Thank you.


Well laid out, pleasant and easy to drive, good sea handling. A good little boat.

“A boat to enjoy all summer.”

Activ 505 Cabin is very well designed and nice. Great navigation.

“Great boat with plenty of space and good quality.”

Great boat with plenty of space and good quality. A good friend has the smaller version and is also very satisfied. Suitable for lakes and the Baltic Sea. We totally love the fact that the seats are at the back of the boat. That was crucial for us when buying.

“Great boat.”

Now I just have to take it out on a stroll and fish.

“My experience with this boat is very good. It is very practical, comfortable, and gives me very good vibes.”

The boat is very good. The only problem is the shift lever. You do not know for sure when the lever is in neutral position, better with a click.

“A compact boat that is very fun.”

The boat is small and compact, but it has more than enough space for 2 people. With the 100 HP Mercury engine, we reach around 62 km/hThe gastank could be bigger as there is enough space for that. You can go on a nice trip with some retrofitting (socket, lamp, solar vent and air horn.

“There are aspects of the boat you don't take into account until you're in it.”

I would stress the difficulty of getting the anchor in and out of the bow roller because of how low it is, coupled with the long drop between the bow and the water. Furthermore, I've not found a way to rotate the pilot seats. Finally, the bimini makes it impossible to use the rod-holders. On the other hand, the boat is amazing value and the collaboration with the dealer was brilliant.

“Wonderful boat! It's great, I highly recommand it…”

Very beautiful boat, dynamic, comfortable and great for the whole family. It's everything we needed and it's perfect. Wonderful, I recommand it…


“A fun boat”

It's a great boat - easy to manage, with a much-improved door system. Very pleased with it.

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