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En combinant parfaitement la performance, le confort et la polyvalence dans le segment des 7 mètres, l’Activ 755 Sundeck a été conçu pour d’agréables croisières ensoleillées. Avec une série de configurations qui permettent aussi bien de se prélasser au soleil que de partager un repas, l’Activ 755 Sundeck permet de profiter pleinement des croisières de jour et des sports nautiques, d’accueillir jusqu’à huit passagers et de loger deux personnes confortablement.

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Configurez le cockpit à votre envie

Configurez le cockpit à votre envie

La banquette en U rabattable est amovible pour accéder au tableau arrière

Trouvez votre endroit de prédilection

Trouvez votre endroit de prédilection

Détendez-vous confortablement sur la zone bain de soleil dédiée du pont avant.

Faites-vous plaisir

Faites-vous plaisir

Préparez des rafraîchissements dans l’espace cuisine intégré, muni d’un réchaud GPL

Confort pour le capitaine et le second

Confort pour le capitaine et le second

Les sièges baquets avec traversins rabattables vous permettent de profiter d’une vue dégagée

Ce que d'autres personnes disent

“Great design and practical boat”

“Our ideal boat.”

Well-balanced and easy to handle with a Mercury 225 V6 engine which gives a great weight/power ratio. Equipped with the full enclosure allows the 4 of us to sleep aboard and speed the weekend with the family. That and the nice little day cruises with friends and we're up to 8 persons aboard.

“Activ 755 Sundeck with a 300hp Verado.”

Excellent boat, especially with the new 300 Verado. A real treat.

“Exceptional boat!!!”

This is my first boat and it is absolutely exceptional!! Performance, comfort, liveability, the whole thing. Totally satisfied.

“I'm very satisfied with my purchase.”

This is my first boat and I'm very satisfied. Easy to steer and user-friendly, also for a beginner like me. After some outings, I'm confident enough to sail on my own. The hull is exceptional and of top quality compared to those I've tried before.

“Spaces are well organized. It's robust and comfortable. Not very stable.”

“Excellent boat!”

Very good sea handling, the cabin and cockpit are spacious.

“The perfect family daycruiser!”

I bought the Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck this summer, and it has proved to be the perfect boat for recreation, watersport and relaxing days at sea. It's very practical, and adults and kids have lots of space, both on deck and in the cockpit. It's easy and comfortable to drive with a perfect steering position.

“An awesome fun boat.”

Awesome boat to chill out, for speed and board & tube rides!

“A real treat.”

I am very satisfied. The benefits listed by the dealer were true.


Nice boat with a good sea handling.

“How wonderful!”

If you mean to buy this boat you'll have to get accustomed to people stopping by to have a look and asking you to get onboard

“Lovely experiences to share with family and friends.”

It hasn't been in my possession very long, but my family and I are very satisfied at the moment.

“Better than expected, in terms of reliability.”

I'm very satisfied!

“Successful purchase!”

It's a very pleasant family boat.

“Bought the boat in Vienna”

The boat is excellent

“Great quality - Outstanding service by the dealer Family Heuckeroth / Kirchheim - I Recommend!”

The Activ 755 SD seems to us like a very high quality boat. We are excited and look forward to the first trip.

“Its a modern and a fantastic vessel”

“Activ 755 Sundeck: spectaculair”

Ideal use of space on board, good hull performance!

“Very comfortable and enjoyable boat.”

“Rather nice boat”

“Where to find happiness? It is with Quicksilver 755 Sundeck”

Super boat

“A very good choice”

This is an excellent boat for the day out amongst friends and even weekend relax with my wife. Very stable, fast and very comfortable.

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