Activ 675 Cruiser

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Élégant, sportif et spacieux

L’Activ 675 Cruiser associe un design élégant avec une configuration sportive et une utilisation intelligente de l’espace. Un vrai dilemme de savoir qui va le plus s’amuser entre le capitaine et les proches que vous amenez à bord ! Il y a assez de place pour jusqu’à 7 personnes désireuses de naviguer et de prendre un bon bain de soleil.

Ce que d'autres personnes disent

“Great thoughtful boat”

Great boat, very good idea to put the stairs on the port side. Very good workmanship.


So far after 3 times of usage we are very satisfied

“Very pleasant”

This boat has very cool lines and handles perfectly. The fuel consumption is also an improvement for us. Things that didn't work in previous versions have been improved. Watch out for the dioxyde and the junction box under the wheel, it will almost certinaly bring moisture.

“A top-class boat that meets all my requirements”

A well done whole, balanced in its steering behavior and all of its furnishings, at very good value for money.

“Nice and beautiful boat”

My expectations are met. Beautiful and very pleasant to use. I absolutely recommand this.

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