Activ 755 Cruiser

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Brechen Sie zu einem Tagesausflug oder einem Wochenende auf dem Wasser auf. Durch das tiefe Cockpit und die breite Windschutzscheibe des Activ 755 Cruiser bleiben Sie und Ihre Passagiere während der gesamten Fahrt trocken und sicher. Die großen Fenster der Kabine sorgen für die beste Aussicht, die Sie je auf einem 7-Meter-Boot genossen haben. Individuelle Ausstattung ist hier die Devise. Der Cockpit-Bereich bietet 3 Konfigurationen. Darüber hinaus werden mehrere nützliche Upgrades der Ausstattung und eine große Auswahl an Mercury Motoren angeboten.

Was andere über uns sagen

“It's a very nice boat”

We are new in sailing. So we are very Happy.. :-)

“A real "little" gem!”

Very satisfied with this boat acquired at the end of 2019, which unfortunately I could not take advantage of as much as I would have liked given the health crisis. This boat, after having acquired several before, corresponds perfectly to our navigation program. I can't wait for the season to start!

“It has it all”

I love my new boat, it covers all my needs.

“Great quality for a fantastic ride”

A great and well thought out boat. Super driving experience!

“This is an extremely versatile boat”

Well designed with good modularity. Handles the Mediterranean swell very well.

“A very high-quality boat.”

The Activ 755 Cruiser from Quicksilver shows excellent quality and is very functional. Everything is well designed and comfort levels are high. The driving is very pleasant even on a rocky sea.

“Good and fun boat”

The boat meets our expectations with a soft and comfortable handling. We enjoy the easy access to the sea and the large swim platforms. For now we're slightly disappointed by the performance of the new 225hp V6 compared to the 250 L6, especially concerning the top speed which sits at max 32 knots (maybe we just need to adjust some settings?)


We're very happy. This boat covers everything and is practical for our needs.