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Durch sein sportliches und dynamisches Design zieht das Activ 675 Open alle Blicke auf sich. Entdecken Sie die Features dieses Bootes und stechen Sie mit bis zu 8 Personen in See. Ein Mercury Außenbordmotor mit bis zu 165 kW (225 PS) sorgt für einen schnellen Start. Das Boot ist als Smart Edition verfügbar, die Ihnen die am häufigsten gewünschten Optionen des Activ 675 Open im Paket zu einem attraktiven Preis bietet.

Entdecken Sie das 675 Open

Nutzen Sie den Bug nach Ihren Vorstellungen

Nutzen Sie den Bug nach Ihren Vorstellungen

Umwandlung von Essbereich in Sonnenliege und Sitzgelegenheit in Sekunden

Einfacher Zugang zum Wasser

Einfacher Zugang zum Wasser

Zugang zur und von der Badeplattform dank schwenkbarer Rückenlehne

Ihre Privatsphäre bleibt gewahrt

Ihre Privatsphäre bleibt gewahrt

Die Einzelkabine ist ein separater Raum für eine Person zum Ausruhen

Erweiterte Badeplattformen mit Leiter

Erweiterte Badeplattformen mit Leiter

Schneller und sicherer Ein- und Ausstieg aus dem Wasser

Was andere über uns sagen

“Super happy for my first boat”

Well equipped, use for fishing in Grau du Roi, France

“Very good boat”

Very good finishing, pleasant helm station, good handling… I'm very happy.

“Can't beat this quality/price/fun ratio”

Well-built boat, very practical and functional. Good stability for waves. Top speed on clear water is over 75km/h with the new Mercury 200 V6 and it's completely silent. Navigating's a real pleasure.

“Excellent purchase”

I am really pleased with this boat. It's roomy, comfortable, cosy and elegant

“Enjoy the sea”

Very fun, stable and multifunction. It allows you to enjoy fishing, cruising, taking the sun and swimming. And it is very beautiful.

“The best choice for family daytrips.”

I wasn't drawn to an open hull boat before my dealer presented the Quicksilver Activ 675 Open. But I have to admit, on a family day trip, it's really great. The big cabin, the Mercury 200 hp and the equipment of the SMART pack totally convinced me. After 30 hours of navigating, I am totally delighted!

“Boating with a Quicksilver Activ 675 Open.”

Really pleasant boat for peaceful and safe cruising. It meets my expectations perfectly. It's my second Quicksilver purchase after the 540 Cruiser.

“Pure happiness!”

A wonderful boat, practical and excellent sea handling.

“The ideal Open.”

Probably the best boat in its category: great finishing, good sea handling, great with a 150 hp Mercury, numerous well thought out details, well built, nice cabin for an Open. It's hard to find a flaw!

“A wonderful boat!”

The right boat for cruising with the family and for fishing.

“The pleasure of a relaxing trip on the lake”

Spacious and very stable when making turns, comfortable and elegant

“Super active.”

Very good boat, very good handling on a rough sea. I only use it for fishing. I am delighted, I recommend it and in addition, we feel really safe on board.

“Security and comfort on board.”

This boat is very well equipped and you feel safe. Everything is well thought out, espcially storage wise. Good sea handling, very pleasant to navigate. I do not regret this purchase.

“Great value for money.”

I give you the congratulations for designing this boat, I am very happy with it and I know about boating (my previous boat was a Farlain Targa 48). Thanks and regards.

“Extremely satisfied!”

An ideal boat for the sea and performes well while being very comfortable.

“Nice boat.”

Good finish for the chandlery even though some minor details had to be fixed by a good dealer.

“Pure happiness!”

Very pleasant boat, lovely and well thought out! We are thrilled!

“Excellent family day-cruising boat with everything you need in a well thought-out package.”

I chose the Activ 675 Open for its overall family practicality. The high sides protect the kids and more elderly relatives when walking front to back. The plentiful social seating options for 8 are flexible and great for picnic cruising or lounging. The cabin, although small, is ideal to house a small toilet for the female members of the family and great additional storage. The other choice would have been a RIB, but really there is no comparison.

“Very good boat, good sea handling and spacious.”

“Quality boat.”

Good experience, some minor details to settle, but I'm sure Portland will do what's necessary quickly.

“Excellent hull, efficient water lines and great stability.”

Comfortable and spacious, rational layout with optimised spaces and easy access onboard.

“Great boat.”

Very practical boat and good value for money, the finishing could be a little better, especially the technical equipment (electrical cabling,…) All in all a great boat!!

“Easy to steer and control”

With its EFI 150 motor, the boat already planes at 3 200 rpm

“Well designed boat with a beautiful line and excellent sea handling”

“A boat that's great in every sense of the word”

This boat is very versatile with a very personal line, a well designed hull that was built to split waves efficiently. The very functional aspect of the pilot seat is a good compromise for the whole of the 675 Open.


I am satisfied with this purchase.

“Reassuring, silent and beautiful!”

The boat is very well finished and very pleasant to navigate with. The 150 hp Mercury engine is very quiet and very pleasant. Very safe boat for young children because of its high freeboards. In short, great!

“It took me back in time.”

I am positively astonished even beyond my expectations.


“A very practical and agile boat”

“The best :-)”

Very nice unit, especially with a T-Top! The Verado 200 makes it a very efficient and comfortable boat.


Good compromise between cruising and fishing. Large surface, small cabin, beautiful finishing. A reproach: it lacks a gas strut to hold the battery lid that falls on your head regularly when opening or closing ...

“It makes us feel safe”

It is very spacious and has a hull that drives smoothly.