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Winner on the water

The Activ 555 Open is an ideal boat for fishing trips and a relaxing day’s out. It welcomes up to 6 people aboard and heads for the water with a powerful Mercury engine with up to 115hp. The boat’s sleek design and smart use of space has something for everyone. Bring out the whole family and be assured by its safety features, features and comfort. And there’s more. The Smart Edition combines the boat’s most popular options in one affordable pack.

Discover the 555 Open

Use the bow your way

Use the bow your way

Convert from dining to sun lounge to seating in seconds

Clutter-free deck

Clutter-free deck

Plentiful storage throughout protects your supplies and organizes your boat

Space-saving cockpit seating

Space-saving cockpit seating

Maximize passenger comfort with reclining seat that doesn't impede motor tilt

Designed for the captain

Designed for the captain

Gauges, drinks, and optional 7" GPS/Chartplotter within easy reach.

What people are saying

“It is extra”

Perfect 100%

“A great leisure craft with all modern conveniences - perfect for a voyage on the river Main”

A wonderfully useful boat to take out on the weekend, have a quick splash after work and/or use the generous deck.

“Stability in the waves”

Fantastic boat. Good behavior on the sea. Very stable and light.

“The thrills are back… feels good!!!”

About fifteen years ago, I discovered Quicksilver with the Commander 555WA that my dad had bought. At the time I would never see French ship-owners… For 2 years, I had nothing in my mind except feeling the sensations I had known in the 2000s again. Today… WOAH! I have finally rediscovered the pleasures of cruising and simply having fun... and the few outings I have done since acquiring "La Chingada (Activ 555 Open) have been flawless. The hull is perfect and in combination with the 100hp Mercury engine, I tell you, this model is the BEST in all categories. Frédéric L S


Very versatile boat, stable when cruising but a little less when it's still. Shame I don't have a cockpit shower.


Very satisfied with the Activ 555 Open. Might look into improving the back access to enter the boat.

“Very pleasant boat…”

Very pleasant boat. Easy to drive, ideal for a first purchase (the options are a little pricy). Too bad there aren't more locks on the storage chests.

“Very good boat with the 115 hp Mercury engine.”

“Very nice boat!”

“An extremely versatile boat that delivers well on every level!”

Very sociable & practical layout. Loads of storage. Looks great!

“Perfect for my use: fishing, cruising, water skiing.”

I chose this boat because it offered enough safety with its high freeboards, the good wave handling and the comfort of its layout. With its 115 hp Mercury ProXS, it has a great performance. I absolutely fo not regret this purchase.

“Family pleasure.”

I am very satisfied with my purchase et I am having fun navigating alone or with my family. It's a boat that handles the sea well and you feel safe. It's a pleasure with a 100 hp motor.

“Enjoy cruising!”

It is a very beautiful boat. Great navigability.

“Very satisfied with the purchase!”

This boat has an amazing stowage capacity, the passengers can travel comfortably and the walkthrough from bow to stern is convenient and safe. The navigation is very easy.

“So much fun!”

Very nice boat!! Like it with friends on the lagoon!!

“Perfect for enjoy with family”

It is just what I wanted: comfortable, manageable, fast, quiet, low consumption and also nice design. I'm very happy with my boat.

“I would buy my Quicksilver again at any time!”


“Good looking, fast and multifunctional boat.”

Super boat. Stable and fast. Good storage. Fine Seats. Everything you need and expect from a multi functional boat👍

“Excellent boat that handles well even in rough sea.”

Comfortable boat and well thought out storages, helm station and seats.

“Just to have fun!”

Nice boat, great for cruising and relaxing. Easy handling, easy mounting and dismounting. Just get in and off you go.

“Perfect family boat.”

A great boat on the whole. It's like a dream in the water and a fantastic family boat for enjoying the sun, swimming or fishing! However, cushion buttons and gauges could have been of higher quality.

“A new boatsman who hopes to navigate Quicksilver boats as long as possible.”

After visiting different brands, I decided to get a Quicksilver because it was more convenient, more accessible (physically) and safer for my grandchildren with the high freeboards, the completey closed aft bench seat and the handrails. I also really like the water accessibility in the back of the boat without having to add options (swim platforms) and all together I like its design. Regarding the motor I realized that it's one of the best on the market (reliability). A proven hull. I am happy with my choice. Now, I just have to take it out.

“Finally the 2017 model.”

With the 2017 model of the Activ 555 Open you really made nice improvements to this boat! The anchor locker is accessible without having to undo the sun lounge, just like the access to the storage in the console! And its style! The Activ 555 Open really changed...and for the better! 😎

“Practical and easy to enjoy!”

Very steady in the water, secure feeling on board, nice seating and the Mercury engine is cool!

“A dream that comes true!”

In 5,50 m you couldn't really do better than that! The boat is very good for a starter and I really reccomend it to all those like me, that wish to try a navigation experience

“A bit more than 5 metres, but as roomy as a 7-metre boat.”

A versatile boat with optimized space design. Wide storage spaces with robust locks and hinges. Comfortable both for relaxing and fishing, thanks to the fully removable cushions. With is robust hull, navigation becomes smooth and easy in every condition.

“Safe and a pleasant feeling at sea.”

The boat gives you a safe and pleasant feeling at sea. With 115 HP you have also the power above normal you need.

“My new Quicksilver boat.”

Very nice boat. It's a pity that the front and back storage spaces can not be locked (with a padlock for example).

“Incredibly spacious and practical boat”

Sitting good in chairs with a good overview. Great space to move around the console on both side. A lot of space in the console for storing cushions/equipment. Practical details with cupholders in the console and forward bench/sun lounge.

“Perfect family boat .”

The Activ 555 Open has proved to be a perfect all-rounder. We've fished, waved, dived and water skied from it. 👍👍👍 It's a lovely family boat. Thanks Quicksilver, very well done. 😀😀

“Great family boat!”

Lovely, practical and versatile family sport boat with plenty of storage space. Great to spend nice days on the water.

“Comfortable boat and with high freeboards you feel save at sea.”

A beautiful design and with that the boats distinguishes itself against the other Open boats on the market that all look the same.

“Excellent boat”

Beautiful, reliable and comfortable.

“The ideal compromise for those who want to enjoy a great sea experience”

Activ 555 Open is fun and fast, safe even offshore.

“Overall good design and functional”

You must improve on details.

“Super boat.”

The boat is very stable to navigate. It is really an all-round boat for all purposes. One of the best boats I have ever had, and I’ve been sailing for 35 years. Regards, Karsten Andersen

“I am very satisfied with my new Activ 555 Open. I can fully recommend it!”

I am more than satisfied with my Activ 555 Open. The boat is a lot of fun and the size is absolutly sufficient for us (normally 4 people aboard, sometimes 6). Water skiing is really fun with the 100 hp outboard engine.

“Great boat for day trips”

A boat that fulfils all expectations. Safe for children thanks to the high freeboard, spacious and good driving characteristics. The workmanship exceeded our expectations.

“The pleasure of the life at the sea”

Very maneuverable boat with an optimal use of space whether you want to go for a quiet cruise or a fishing trip. Probably the best in its category. I love how it looks and all the storage spaces as well as the quality of the materials. The pilot helm is optimal. What more can I say... fabulous boat

“Completely satisfied”

Very beautiful and maneuverable boat with a great value for money

“New life”

Excellent considering my total lack of experience

“The perfect boat”


“Aways fun.. alone or with family”

I am satisfied with my Activ 555. It fits my needs: cruising with the family and fishing by myself. I recommend it. This is my first boat and it's good for a start .... in 2-3 years, I plan to buy a boat larger but still in the range Activ.

“Always on the go thanks to the Quicksilver Activ 555 Open”

Dear Quicksilver-Team, since two weeks I am the proud owner of a Quicksilver Activ 555 Open. After a visit to the dealer I liked the boat immediately. The combination of sleek looks and flexibility especially in the bow area made me decide to choose the Quicksilver. The dealer immediately reassured me that I have made a good choice with Quicksilver. The boat has been in the marina since 2 weeks now and what is there left to say? There are no wishes left open. The boat is sleek, runs well and offers ample space for up to six guests. Even if six people are on the boat, they are not standing in the way, but can also stretch their legs because of the smartly arranged seat system. The large storage room offers enough space for everything your heart desires. I would buy a Quicksilver at any time and am very satisfied!

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