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Avec l’Activ 505 Open, vous voudrez rester sur l’eau toute la journée, que ce soit pour pêcher ou vous détendre. Sportif à l’extérieur, ce bateau se fait également spacieux à l’intérieur. En effet, vous embarquerez jusqu’à 5 personnes à bord et découvrirez le parfait mélange entre commodité, ergonomie et confort. En outre, l’Activ 505 Open est disponible en édition Smart, qui comprend nos options les plus souvent demandées.

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Utilisez le pont avant à votre envie

Utilisez le pont avant à votre envie

Passez de la salle à manger au bain de soleil et aux sièges en quelques secondes

Sièges de cockpit peu encombrants

Sièges de cockpit peu encombrants

Optimisez le confort des passagers grâce à un siège inclinable qui n’entrave pas l’inclinaison du moteur

Naviguez et divertissez

Naviguez et divertissez

L’assise bidirectionnelle du poste de pilotage vous place là où se déroule l’action

Pont sans encombrement

Pont sans encombrement

Un grand espace de rangement protège vos provisions et organise votre bateau

Ce que d'autres personnes disent

“Feels good”

Nice little boat, very pleasant to drive. I'm very satisfied by my purchase. Small negative detail: the pressure points to install the cover aren't very practical.

“First impressions with my 505 Open”

Very beautiful bateau - exactly what I was looking for. Simple to use, comfortable, well-equipped and very versatile. I enjoy it as often as I can.

“Very good boats”

Quicksilver. I've had the 425, the 630 and now the 505 Open. The new console is magnificent and the Mercury engines perform as well as ever.

“Comfort, speed, low consumption… who can do better?”

I've only been out once with the boat. It's fast, stable and comfortable. I'm very happy I went with 80hp because the boat lifts off from the water at 3000rpm and therefore has a very low consumption.

“Very satisfied with our purchase”

Very easy to use, lightweighted, pleasant


I love it, it's beautiful and very functional. One of the best of its category because of its design and quality.

“Great and exquisite fishing/speedboat”

Fantastic boat, super sailing performance - in quiet waters and also when waves get quite high 👍

“Value for money.”

The boat is an ideal activity platform for my family. It’s quick and easy to prep the boat for departure and after a cruise. However, the buttons that fasten the pillows to the seats do sometimes stick so hard they won’t come loose. This resulted in a need for so much force that some buttons have been torn off from the cushions or even ripped from the seats.

“Very happy with our new Activ 505 Open!”

Fantastic boat, we enjoy it a lot in family, the truth is that we love it. Great navigability through the sea and river! We are very very happy. In the future we will think about extending the boat length.

“The Activ 505 Open is perfect for fishing and trips with up to 4 people.”

Efficient and stable boat in rough water. 60 hp are necessary in rough waters. Well equipped and plenty of storages for fishing. When all cushions and the table are packed away, there is hardly any room left. If you are looking for speed have a max of 4 people on board, otherwise it planing is hard and you won't reach top speed. Excellent production quaity and sturdiness.

“Fishing and day trips: the ideal boat!”

I am very satisfied with my acquisition of a versatile boat for fishing and cruising. I was looking for a boat that was easy to launch while being very seaworthy. I really appreciate the numerous storage options.

“Off to sea!”

The perfect bathing and fun boat, perfect for beginners. Everyone is happy here whether child or mom and dad anyway, everyone is happy!

“Great fishing days with my Activ 505 Open”

I'm really satisfied with my purchase. Spacious and ideal both for fishing and fun.

“The Activ 505 Open is a very versatile boat, allowing beautiful trips with friends while feeling safe.”

The boat is very well built, deck is great for 5 people to move around, plenty of storages. A lock on all storages, like on the console storage, would be wise. The hydraulic steering, recommended by the dealer, makes the boat easier to handle. Everything (boat, upholstery and accessories) has a good finishing. The swivel seat can be adapted to different driving positions. The size of the boat makes it easy to transport with a trailer.


An absolutely lovely boat!!! Regret not going for a more powerful engine as the family and I love going fast! Living in Gibraltar allows my family and I to enjoy two seas and all that has to offer, including beautiful dolphins on every trip. Looking forward to many more amazing days out on my fabulous new boat.

“Nice boat, very stable, very easy to use.”

“The Activ 505 Open model is very well thought-out.”

Very practical boat with plenty of storage space to relax on the water. Summer can come. We searched for a long time and found what we wanted with the Activ 505 Open. It's ideal for the 3 of us. In fact, it should have been the Activ 455 Open, but since we wanted to keep the boat as long as possible, we chose the Activ 505 Open. More space and power. This is the 2016 model. We highly recommend it!

“I am very pleased with the boat”

But I'm pretty disappointed by the mooring cover, that I find inconvenient.

“Good value for money for an Activ 505 Open with a 80 hp Mercury.”

A pleasant to drive boat. Takes the waves nicely. Equipment is too basic. Delivered with a propeller that had to be changed after sea trials.

“Activ 505 Open - Perfect for family fun!”

Excellent boat for family fun. I bought this boat from ABC Powermarine and I use it to take my children out. It is big and spacious for them and has high safe sides so they can't fall out. You can waterski and pull a ringo as well as good for fishing. So it's a great all-round boat.

“I would buy this boat again.”

Very precise to manœuvre, is good in the water, well thought storage, nice swim platforms, clear instrumentation.

“Robust and easy to use”

It is my first boat so I cannot compare but it seems very well built, robust and easy to use. For now I am satisfied.

“Looking forward to the great getaways”

Very spacious with beautiful lines. The weight is proof of its sturdyness and ensures the stability.

“The boat is great!”

The boat totally meets our expectations. It is the correct size to take along on vacation. It has great driving characteristics and is totally sufficient for 2 adults and 2 kids

“A starter boat that is also suitable for fishing”

In search of a boat for day trips and fishing in the Rügen area, I found concluded my search with a Quicksilver. First, I was afraid that the maximum load of 1500 kg was an issue but it wasn’t. I have a trailer with a max load of 1.5 and with the weight of the trailer of approx. 375 kg and a working weight of the Quicksilver Activ 505 Open with an 80 HP Mercury of approx. 900 KG (including the Smart Edition, Radio and Simrad EVO 2) there is still a margin of approximately 250 kg. The Quicksilver Activ 505 Open is easy to steer with the 80 HP Mercury and reaches a top speed of just over 50 km/h with 2 people. The central control unit provides a good overview. Underneath this is a storage space for the seat cushions and the angling accessories. The Quicksilver is stable in the course of the correct trimming and follows the driving instructions well. Only at high speeds and very tight cornering the screw will turn above the water which makes the boat slow down. Critical situations are thus almost impossible and fun is guaranteed. The high freeboard makes the boat also interesting for families with children and offers enough security if you are surprised by bad weather. The low draft of the Quicksilver 505, with a high-trimmed motor, makes it possible come close to shore in in calm bays, or to fish on the water’s side. When changing the location during angling, 2 rods can be safely inserted into the rod holders integrated into the ship's side wall. The only drawback, however, which was already eliminated with the new model series 2017, is the then too small tank with 50 liters. In the new series, a 90-liter tank was fitted. All in all a boat, which I would buy again.

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